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Pile of red pine logs


Welcome to Breen’s Lumber Inc.

Sustainable production for 43 years & counting!

Tim Breen Sr. President and CEO

Tim Breen Jr. Supervisor of harvesting operations

John Breen Supervisor of mill operations

Chantelle Breen of sales / social media

We are all things to the final 2 x 4 product. We purchase plantations, (Tim Sr.) we harvest those plantations, (Tim Jr.) transport our product from the forest to the mill, and mill it to our customers requirements. (John Breen)

Since 1979, Breen’s Lumber has grown from a backyard lumber and plaining mill hobby into one of the largest family run manufacture’s of pressure treated, red pine rough lumber, and tongue and groove (being some of our more popular products) in southern Ontario. We have established ourselves as the leader in the community for customer satisfaction. We practice responsible natural resource management and operate a safe, clean and efficient facility, plus 100% of our products are recyclable providing our customers and the environment with the best overall value. Our customers have confidence in our ability to meet their needs, and we look forward to serving them for many years to come.

We are constantly upgrading and streamline our facility to remain competitive in the lumber industry creating job opportunities in a rural area.

Our rubber tired harvesting equipment is efficient and terrain friendly. We can select cut enabling our forests to breathe and flourish for the future.

Breen’s Lumber offer private land owners a full range of forest management services to achieve the land owner’s goals, whether they want to provide wild life habitat, enhance recreational opportunities, produce income or enjoy the properties aesthetic beauty. At Breen’s lumber we realize our future and the future of generations to follow depends on the future of our forests. We are committed to responsible forest management. 

Logo art credits to Isabella Breen

Breen’s Lumber is a buyer of privately owned red pine plantations

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