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About Our Lumber.

Browse our lumber below

Pressure Treated 

Our pressure treated lumber is our own lumber, with the same treatment as any other piece you'd find in a big store. We carry various sizes, lengths and widths!

Rough Sawn Pine Lumber

Our rough cut lumber is true dimensional lumber, saw marks included. Rough cut lumber is great for fences, furniture building, concrete forming, shelves, sheds, barns, DIY projects and anything else you could imagine!

Live Edge Pine

Our live edge is amazing for getting that rustic look, if you'd like to do something unique try our live edge slabs. No piece is the same! Live edge is great for table tops, bar tops, shelves, benches, etc! Our live edge is cut and kiln dried at our mill.

Tongue & Groove Pine

Our T&G is cut and kiln dried at our mill.

T&G is great for siding, interior walls, ceilings, and flooring, T&G gives a great rustic look!

Larch & Hemlock

Larch & Hemlock are great for horse fencing, paddocks, and overall a great material for outdoors. Hemlock and Larch have a natural preservative, making it so they can withstand weather. 

Pine Bark, Sawdust, Shavings

Bark, sawdust, and shavings are great for landscaping, or for animal bedding! 

Sold by 20 yard truck loads only, call Robert Ritchie for delivery and pricing 705-623-9652

Please call us for a quote!


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